About EST03

Ever since EST03 started in 2003, we’ve been working to give every customer the best services out there.

Our Purpose

To Be A World-Class Advertising Company Filled With Employees Focused On Our Customers And Fueled By Their Dreams.

Our Mission

To be the industry leader for the planning, execution, and delivery of effective outdoor advertising, especially transit media. 

Our Vision

Through our expertise and dedication, we seek to revolutionize the outdoor advertising landscape, delivering exceptional results and reshaping the way brands connect with their target audiences.

Our Values

Shared across our organization, these are the core values we act on.

Our value wheel serves as a powerful motivator, reminding us of the principles that drive us toward achieving greatness in all that we do. Let us continue to inspire one another by carrying these values into all aspects of our lives, for they are the foundation upon which we build upon.


The act of showing consideration and care for someone. It’s behaving with honor and dignity, and believing you are good and worthy of being treated well. Made from equal parts character and competence, which is built through making and keeping commitments.​

Failing Forward

Purposefully giving up the need for perfection, and deliberately use failure to find success. Pushing outside our comfort zone to grow through trying something new, while still anticipating and mitigating challenges as we go. Recognizing challenges as opportunities to implement learning from failure as preparation for success. Reaching goals to find success through resilience and growth from past failures. ​

Learning, Growing, Teaching

We have a childlike curiosity to learn more about our roles, the customer and each other. Through questioning we grow and develop thoughts and creative ideas that can be used to better processes, help our customers and encourage our coworkers. We finalize our understanding of a process by teaching others on what we know and thus continuing the fluent learning, growing, teaching model to others. 


Accountability invokes confidence within the organization's culture, promotes excellence and safeguards company resources. Acceptance of responsibility for honest and ethical conduct towards others, with a Willingness to be transparent, allowing others to observe and evaluate.  


Winning is most often the final result from a concentrated effort to make it happen. It usually started with a dream. A vision for what the attainment is and would like, and then broken down into the goals and preparation needed to make it possible. ​ Winning is about defining success on each task or event, no matter how big or how small, and reaching that desired outcome. Giving yourself the opportunity to cross the finish line can be more rewarding than gold.

Our Leadership Team

Our team is dedicated to help you get our your message to reach the public and build your brand using outdoor & transportation media. 

Ken Black


Ryan Black

Creative Director

Cynthia Brusman

HR Manager


Ted Cain

VP of Sales

Jami Edgington

Director of Operations


Sagar Gupta

IT Solutions Manager

John Kaemmerer


Jason Klare

President - Adsposure

Tom Nicolaus

Director of Operations

Michael Ries


Alex Souders

Director of Marketing