Our Brands

We have grown to support multiple areas of outdoor graphics starting with the addition of Adsposure in 2008. 

Advertising Vehicles

Advertising Vehicles has been helping companies put their logos, branding and messaging on fleets of delivery vans, trucks and tractor trailers for nearly 20 years. We are North America’s only fleet graphics company to provide Traxx, the world’s #1 changeable graphics system for trucks and trailers and work with a wide range of companies, from Fortune 500 companies to small, regional players. Using the finest, high quality materials, our installation team expertly installs cut vinyl, partial and full wraps, and Traxx. 


Following the success of Advertising Vehicles, our media division, Adsposure, was launched to serve an ever-growing need in out of home advertising – specifically, transit advertising. Starting with a contract for the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) in Cincinnati, Adsposure became the only company to focus solely on transit advertising. We don’t do static billboards – only moving billboards like buses, trains and paratransit vehicles, as well as bus benches and shelters that can make riding the bus more appealing and increase ridership.


Signtacular.com was created as a solution for businesses to have a reliable and high quality provider of signage needs. Built around the changes that unfolded in 2020, Signtacular combines premium materials and printing with excellent design services that provide the perfect signage options. Our team of professionals work with organizations to identify and solve their signage problems.  The signage offered ranges from yard signs, to banners, hallway signage and even large wall graphics, Signtacular has the signage necessary to effective communicate your message.